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Double Feature!

HOMER 1970
CAN. film. 4:3 aspect ratio. One of the better, and impossibly rare, late 60s youth culture films featuring rock and roll, hippies, marijuana, Vietnam, protest, and rebellion. Soundtrack includes: The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Steve Miller Band and others.

Eighteen year-old Homer wants to leave his small Wisconsin town and make the scene out in San Francisco. He waits all night on the highway trying to hitch a ride, but the sheriff brings him back home in the morning.

His parents don't approve of his long hair, anti-establishment attitude and rock and roll music. When he has a friend over to play guitars and write a song, all his parents hear is noise. (It's actually a mid-60s British Beat sounding's good.)

When Homer's friend Eddie gets notice that he'll be shipping out to Vietnam, the whole town throws a send off party at the local American Legion hall and Homer's rock band plays the gig. The square adults think Homer should get a haircut and that his group is just as good as all the other noise they hear on the radio.

Homer and a girlfriend smoke pot, talk about life, and make love for the first time at 3:30 in the morning. After he smashes the family car his father angrily puts Homer to work on their farm. When his dad repairs the motorcycle Eddie gave him, the two seem to get along for while.

Their newfound relationship lasts only until Eddie comes back from Vietnam—in a coffin. Homer then pickets the VFW, sings protest songs, and finally chains himself to a post. His humiliated father publicly slaps Homer's face. Homer says that's the list time you'll ever hit me. Back at home the father smashes Homer's record player and all his records. Don Scardino, Alex Nicol, Tisa Farrow (Mia's sister), Lenka Peterson, Tim Henry, Tom Harvey, Jan Campbell, Arch McDonnell. Homer.

Note: This title is below our usual high-quality standards but is still very watchable and enjoyable. It comes from a 1980s Netherlands TV broadcast, is in English and has Dutch subtitles.

Plus this bonus selection...

BUNNY 1971
U.S. educational short. Bunny is a teenager who is estranged from her mother, shares a pad with other chicks and smokes pot for fun. She talks about about her drug use, why she does it and how it affects her lifestyle, ambitions and self-perception.

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