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U.S. film. A hippie, counter-culture, anti-establishment road film. A teenaged boy and girl meet in Big Sur, California and begin a hitchhiking adventure traveling north to San Francisco.

Along the way they meet an assortment of "interesting people" including two switchblade-wielding psychopaths who threaten them, a Benzedrine-popping, pervert trucker (he urinates on them!) who locks the boy in the back of the truck while he bangs the girl up in the cab, and a drunken alcoholic "swinging couple" in a cool 1950s car who take them for a wild ride.

Long hairs, guitars and bongos. Lots of "Iron Butterfly sounding" rock n roll. Music by: The Friends of Distinction. The sixties were still alive in 1972. Meg Foster, Michael Burns, Bruce Dern, Mikel Conrad, Larry Hankin, Joyce Van Patten, Marianna Hill. Thumb Tripping.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. documentary. Awesome audio-visual montage of the LA hippie-love scene. Hippies, mods, longhairs, beards, geeks, kids, bikers, capes, caps, goofy hats, headbands, flowers, beads, baubles, bangles, bubbles, painted faces, conga drums, flutes, tambourines, rock bands, weird sunglasses, sultry females dancing, twisting, twirling, gyrating, marijuana, LSD, trippers. Psychedelic music by Spontaneous Combustion.

THUMB TRIPPING 1972 movie on DVD

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