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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. Rare LSD drug movie made in Mexico. This is the rare uncut T&A version! A young woman and her scheming boyfriend dose her stepmother with LSD! Why? To drive her mad so they can claim the inheritance that the stepmother is withholding.

But forget about the plot and instead look for: naked breasts and butts, bikers riding motorcycles into swimming pools, a hippie wedding, mod and psychedelic fashions, acid-fuzz-rock, swishy color special effects and lots of Pink Floyd-type trippy music! Psychedelically attired hipsters all swing down to the grooviest night-spot in town, "The Trip." While there, an acid fuzz rock band from San Francisco wails and screeches as the gang all drops LSD sugar cubes into their beers.

The music gets wilder and the special lighting effects get trippier. Some hep-cat is unknowingly given a powerful cube and he totally flips out, wrecks the place and gets hauled off by the cops. (It's probably better to trip at home with a drip candle and a few friends!)

This film was supposed to be a warning of the dangers of LSD, but because it was so corny it probably had the opposite effect! As a matter a fact, it might help if you're on LSD while you watch it! Look for '40s & '50s movie star Lana Turner at her cinematic low point.

George Chakiris from West Side Story plays the drug-dealing, gold-digging boyfriend who in one scene is crawling on the floor tripping on LSD and babbling to an ant! Lana Turner, George Chakiris, Richard Egan, Dan O'Herlihy, Karin Mossberg, Pamela Rodgers (Laugh-In), Carlos East, Augusto Benedico. The Big Cube!

Plus this bonus selection...

A nice selection of 1960s acid movies trailers! Includes: The Trip, Psych Out, Riot On Sunset Strip, Hallucination Generation, Wild In The Streets, The Love Ins and more!

THE BIG CUBE 1969 movie on DVD!

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