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Your wishlist is a special place to save titles until you are ready to purchase them. You can easily move titles from your wishlist into your shopping cart and back again. Or you can permanently remove them. You can write notes in the comments box to remind yourself of interesting things about the title, who'd like it as a gift, etc.

You can also email your wishlist. An emailed wishlist becomes a "Gift List." It works like this: You load up your wishlist with titles and email it to the person who wants to buy you a gift. That person can then select titles from your list, order them, and surprise you with a rockin' cool gift. It's great for special occasions and holidays. 

If several people want to buy you gifts (lucky you!), simply move titles back-and-forth from your shopping cart to your wishlist and email each person a different version of your wishlist. You'll get lots of cool discs that way.

When you add titles to your shopping cart a "move to wishlist" link appears that makes emailing easy as 1-2-3!