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SHINDIG! - Complete Series Vol. 27 & 28

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Shindig! was a fast-paced, teenage music TV show from Hollywood, CA that featured major rock and roll artists and was filmed in front of a live audience.

Shindig! helped launch the British invasion in America and extend the careers of several 1950s rock and roll stars. It is arguably the most fun and music-packed teenage show from the 1960s.

Shindig! aired from September 1964 through January 1966 and began as a half program, expanded to an hour and retracted back to a half hour before going off the air on January 8 1966.

Note: This title comes on two discs.

SHINDIG! Season 2. Show 63. The Shangri-Las, Byrds, Dobie Gray, Glen Campbell, More!
U.S. TV show. Aired: Oct-23-65. Guest host: Ed Wynn. Opening medley: Dobie Gray: "See You at the Go-Go." The Shangri-Las: "Thirty Days." The Byrds: "I'm A Loser." Bobby Sherman, Glen Campbell: "Ready Teddy." (End of medley). The Byrds: "Chimes of Freedom." Dobie Gray: "The In Crowd." The Shangri-Las: "Right Now and Not Later." The Shindogs: "Keep A Knockin'." Glen Campbell: "Everyone's Gone to the Moon." The Byrds: "Turn, Turn, Turn." Bobby Sherman: "Goody Galum Shus." The Shangri-Las: "Give Him A Great Big Kiss." Dobie Gray: "My Baby." Glen Campbell, The Elgibles, Bobby Sherman, The Blossoms, Joey Cooper, Delaney Bramlet: "Peppermint Twist." Finale: Shangri-Las, Dobie Gray, Glen Campbell, Bobby Sherman: "Twist and Shout." Includes original commercials.

SHINDIG! Season 2. Show 64. The Toys, The Newbeats, Dinah Lee, Jerry Naylor, More!
U.S. TV show. Aired: Oct-28-65. Guest host: Jack E. Leonard. Opening medley: The Newbeats: "Everything's All Right." Dinah Lee: "What Kind of Love Is This." The Toys, Jerry Naylor: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" The Shindogs: "Reelin' & Rockin'." (End of medley). Dinah Lee: "I'm Walkin'." Glen Campbell: "Working for the Man." The Toys: "A Lover's Concerto." The Blossoms, The Wellingtons: "Run Baby Run." The Newbeats: "Run Baby Run." Manfred Mann: "One in the Middle." Jerry Naylor: "Everybody Loves A Clown." The Shindogs: "Someday Someday." Jack E. Leonard: "I'm Sitting On Top of the World." Glen Campbell, Dinah Lee, Jerry Naylor: "Road Runner." The Newbeats: "Bread and Butter." Finale: The Shindogs, Glen Campbell: "Do You Wanna Dance?" Includes original commercials.

SHINDIG! Season 2. Show 65. Jim Doval & Gauchos, Boris Karloff, Jackie & Gayle, More!
U.S. TV show. Aired: Oct-30-65. Guest host: Boris Karloff. Opening medley: Bobby Sherman: "Help," "I'm Down." Jackie and Gayle, Ted Cassidy, The Blossoms, The Spokesmen: "Get on the Right Track Bobby." (End of medley). Jim Doval and the Gauchos: "Tell Me What You're Gonna Do." Jackie and Gayle: "Everyone's Gone to the Moon." Bobby Sherman: "Memphis." The Spokesmen: "There But For Fortune." Boris Karloff recites: "The Peppermint Twist." The Wellingtons: "Some Enchanted Evening." The Gauchos, Billy Preston: "Bony Moronie." Finale: Bobby Sherman: "You Can't Sit Down." This episode is missing about 10 minutes. Includes original commercials.

SHINDIG! Season 2. Show 66. Louis Armstrong & his Band.
U.S. TV show. Aired: Nov-4-65. Guest host: Louis Armstrong, Part 1. Louis Armstrong & his band: "Sleepy Time Down South," "Instrumental," "Indiana," "The Bucket's Got A Hole in It." Jewel Brown: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco." Louis Armstrong & his Band: "Instrumental," "Blueberry Hill," "Hello Dolly," "When the Saints Come Marching In." Includes original commercials.

SHINDIG! Season 2. Show 67. Rolling Stones, Jackie Wilson, Fontella Bass, Strangeloves, More!
U.S. TV show. Aired: Nov-6-65. Opening medley: Billy Joe Royal: "Down in the Boondocks." Fontella Bass: "Jim Dandy." The Strangeloves: "Roll On Mississippi." Jackie Wilson: "The Way I Am." (End of medley). The Rolling Stones: "Good Times." Fontella Bass: "Rescue Me." The Strangeloves: "Cara Lin." Jackie Wilson: "I Believe I'll Love On." Billy Joe Royal: "I've Got to Be Somebody." Tony and the Bandits: "It's a Bit of All Right." The Rolling Stones: "Have Mercy." Billy Joe Royal: "I Knew You When." Fontella Bass: "Everyday I Have to Cry." The Strangeloves: "I Want Candy." Finale: Jackie Wilson: "Baby Workout." Includes original commercials.

Note: Some episodes have timecode.

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