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Five rockin' episodes of your favorite 1960s U.S. TV sitcoms!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY “Lurch, the Teenage Idol.” May-14-65.
Lurch plays the family harpsichord and belts out a catchy tune (actually he grunts, groans and sings “go go baby!”). Gomez calls Mizzy Records to arrange an audition. Lurch passes with flying colors and the producer says, “He'll be bigger than the Beagles!” Terrific scene with Wednesday dancing the “Watusi” while Gomez does “The Freddie!” Screaming teenage fans surround the house! Lurch plans a world tour—London, Paris and Booklyn! In the end, Lurch decides he prefers the quite life of a butler to the screaming mobs of teenage fans! Herbie Styles, Laurie Mitchell, Noanna Dix, Pamela McMyler, Jacque Palmer, Patrick Moore.

THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES "Teenage Idol." Nov-11-64.
Rock n roll singing idol, "Johnny Poke" visits the Clampetts while in town playing the Hollywood Bowl. Granny's not too happy about it—she's worried Jethro will pick up his bad habits! Ten thousand teenagers are waiting at the station! Johnny plays a cool lookin' white Fender Jaguar ee-lectric gee-tar! Lots of twangy rock n roll guitar in soundtrack. Jesse Pearson as Johnny Poke. (Jesse played teen idol Conrad Birdie in "Bye Bye Birdie"). Alan Reed Sr. as Johnny's manager.

BEWITCHED "Serena Stops The Show." Feb-19-70.
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart star as a cool 1960s rock duo. Samantha's sister, Serena, is entertainment chairman of the Cosmos Cotillion and finagles her way to get Boyce and Hart to perform. Groovy, mod psychedelic rock n roll! Cool 60s teenagers, clothes and even a drug reference to "tripping!" Songs include: "I'm Gonna Blow You A Kiss In The Wind" and "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight?"

I DREAM OF JEANNIE "Jeannie, the Hip Hippie." Oct-17-67.
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart star as a cool 1960s rock group. Phil Spector plays himself! Dr. Bellow's wife puts on a charity bazaar but her group cancels. Jeannie save the day by "creating" a 60s pop rock group that includes Boyce and Hart. Instrumental "Monkees" songs heard on soundtrack. Cool mod, hippie, Los Angeles scenes. The group auditions for Spector singing "Out & About." Classic 1960s TV show.

ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW "The Guitar Player." Oct-17-60.
Wow! Rock n Roll in Mayberry! A rockabilly boy named Jim performs on the sidewalk and disturbs the local mortician. Andy thinks Jim has talent and wonders how he can help him make it. Next, who pulls into town but none other than "Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat." Andy and Barney find an excuse to put Bobby and his band in jail so they'll be a captive audience for Jim to audition his wild guitar playin'! Jim doesn't disappoint and floors ‘em with a flat out rock n roll n surf guitar instrumental! Barney cuts loose with some bop n jive moves! Jim passes the audition and is invited to join the band. Another terrific day in Mayberry! Don Knotts, Ronnie Howard, James Best, Henry Slate, Jonathan Hole, Dub Taylor, Connie Van.


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