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ESCALA MUSICAL TV 1966-67 Vol. 1 (60s Argentine Beat Music)

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Triple Feature!

ESCALA MUSICAL TV 1966-67 Vol. 1 (60s Argentine Beat Music)
Argentine T.V. Two full hours! A rare collection of 60s Argentine beat groups perform in the British Beat and Mod tradition. Escala Musical TV was a cross between "Ready Steady Go!" and "Where The Action Is" with a very high energy level and exceptionally potent beat music. Exotic looking guitars loaded with buttons, switches and weird angular shapes!

Cool teenage beat groups with mop top haircuts, collarless jackets and Beatle boots! 12-string guitar solos, Vox organs, and Merseybeat, R&B and folk rock! Dig it! Groups include: Billy Bond, Los "?," Los Preachers, Los "IN," Los Walkers, Los Wonderfulls, Los Mockers, Los Bestias and others. Billy Bond and Los Mockers appear frequently.

Billy provides rock n roll and comic relief similarly to Paul Revere and the Raiders on "Where The Action Is." The groups play original songs but also cover the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, the Move, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich, and more! Very cool!

Note on Los Mockers: Los Mockers formed in Uruguay in the mid-'60s and modeled themselves on the early Rolling Stones. With their rough guitar, harmonica and R&B sound they sounded much better than most Stones-influenced groups. Their material is sung in English.

Note on Billy Bond: At a concert at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires, Billy Bond urged the people in the cheaper seats to move to the empty seats in front. This caused a struggle between the police and the audience, and inspired Billy to pronounce his now classic line: "Chicos, ¡rompan todo!" ("Break it all, kids!"). The stadium was destroyed and the scandal was highly publicized by the press leading to the general belief that rock n roll was indeed a social threat.

Plus these bonus selections...

LOS MOCKERS in TV Sketch 1966
A sketch concerning a wedding. Los Mockers play a prominent role in the story line and perform several songs at the reception. There's also a mysterious guitar!

Musical performances taken from various TV shows, movies and TV commercials.

ESCALA MUSICAL TV 1966-67 Vol. 1 on DVD

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