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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Joey Dee and the Starliters star in this very rare 1960s "Twist" movie. The story goes like this… Joey is engaged to Piper and they are planning their wedding. At the last minute Joey gets a gig in Paris for $5K a week (that's a lot of dough in '62!). The wedding has to be postponed. Piper's mother agrees to let Piper accompany Joey to Paris provided that she is chaperoned by a female adult. That adult is Aggie, a New Yorker who whines in stereotypical Long Island-ese.

The entire film takes place on an ocean liner. (Man! It feels like it takes a month to go from NYC to Paris!) Before the liner even leaves New York Harbor there's a huge "twist party" on deck complete with rock 'n' roll, booze, confetti, balloons—everyone's having a twistin' good time.

The story gets complicated when Coco, a cute French girl, kisses Joey in an attempt to make her cheating boyfriend jealous. Piper catches them and Joey has his work cut out for him trying to convince Piper that it's a mistake and he's still faithful—especially since he gets kissed by the Frenchie a half-dozen more times.

Piper tries to compete with Coco by slipping into a very sexy dress, doing her hair up high and wearing extra-long fake eyelashes. She looks at herself in the mirror and sings "Teenage Vamp" in what has to be one of the more "interesting" scenes in any 50s/60s teen movie.

The film is a musical extravaganza for Joey Dee and the Starliters. It also features Gary Crosby who croons a couple of tunes and proves to be a poor-man's Frank Sinatra. There's a scene at the "Roundtable" club in NYC where Joey twists with such maniacal enthusiasm that he must have burned off 1000 calories in 30 seconds.

A handful of the songs are credited to Joey Dee and Morris Levy! Levy was mob-connected and owed Roulette records—Joey Dee's record label. You can easily imagine Morris Levy explaining to Joey what a good thing it would be if he took writing credit on songs he had nothing to do with…OR ELSE.

There are a lot of name-dropping 1962 references including: Jackie and Caroline Kennedy, John Glenn and Scott Carpenter, Troy Donahue, Charles De Gaulle and others. Songs include: "Two Tickets to Paris," "Open Sea," "Left Bank Blues," "Instant Men," "Teenage Vamp," "Baby Won't You Please Come Home," "The Lady Wants To Twist" (Leiber and Stoller), "C'est la vie," "C'est si bon," "Willy Willy," "This Boat," "Twistin' on a Liner," "Everytime," "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," and "What Kind of Love Is This?"

Joey Dee, The Starliters, Gary Crosby, Kay Medford, Jeri Lynn Frazer, Lisa James, Charles Nelson Reilly, Richard Dickens, Nina Paige, Sal Lombardo, Jeri Archer, Michele Moinot, Jay Burton.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S short film. Twist Craze gives you a look at the fabulous twist phenomenon. Tobin Mathews and the All-Stars rock out on some wild surf instrumentals that are perfect for doing the twist. Joe Cavalier dances the most explosive (almost convulsive!) version of the twist ever seen! Joe brings a 300 lb. broad up on stage for a twist lesson! Yikes! When everybody gets into it even the Chef comes out of the kitchen twisting.


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