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Note: This title comes on two discs.

AUS. film. Running over three hours, Shout is the biography of Johnny O'Keefe, Australia's first rock and roll star. Although made as a mini-series for Australian TV, it's of the highest quality in production, sets, actors, musical performances and photography. Tons of rockabilly, doo wop and rock and roll performances.

Johnny rises from obscurity to headline Australian rock and roll shows. He hosts a teenage rock and roll TV program, "Six O'Clock Rock," travels to American, gets a contract with Liberty records and appears on the Ed Sullivan show.

Of course with all this comes extreme drug and alcohol abuse, terrible career decisions, nervous breakdowns and a horrific car crash that resulted in massive facial scars and many plastic surgery operations. Yet after the crash he was back on TV six weeks later inviting the TV audience to tune each week to watch his face change.

Tons of very cool scenes including Johnny O'Keefe meeting Bill Haley during Haley's 1957 Australian tour. Haley was so impressed by O'Keefe, he gave him a song to record ("You Hit The Wrong Note, Billy Goat") and recommended him to the leading local record company Festival Records.

Johnny hangs out with Little Richard by the stage door looking up in the sky when Sputnik flies by. Little Richard takes it as a sign from the heavens and announces he's quitting show business to follow God. Johnny gets his big shot on the Ed Sullivan show but blows it by being stubborn and bigheaded; Sullivan is disgusted with him. Johnny is committed to an asylum. Many, many more career highlights.

Tons of performance footage. Many original 50s rock and roll songs on the soundtrack including Gene Vincent's Be-Bop-A-Lula and Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues. Cool 1953 Seeburg M-110C jukebox. Terry Serio, John McTiernan, Marcelle Schmitz, Candy Raymond, Tony Barry, Melissa Jaffer, John Paramor, Steve Shaw.

Shout – The Johnny O'keefe Story 1985 on DVD

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