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EL EXTRANO DEL PELO LARGO (a.k.a. The Long-Hair Stranger) 1970

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Double Feature!

EL EXTRANO DEL PELO LARGO (a.k.a. The Long-Hair Stranger) 1970
AR film. From Argentina comes this beat 'n' pop music, youth culture movie. We can't read Argentinean-Spanish but the movie poster says, "Maximos 'Beat' Explosiva!" Fourteen songs mean that almost half the film features beat 'n' pop songs.

El Extrano Del Pelo Largo is both an excellent rock 'n' roll movie and a good sample of the Beat Argentino music scene in the late 1960s. Most of the actors are pop musicians, like Litto Nebia (the top star of the movie), who does a great job acting and singing, "Rosemary." There are lots of cool-looking musical scenes, and very good music. The film has a 60s mod-pop look and feel.

Some of the groups appearing and acting in the film include: The Young Guard, The Golden Boys, Narrow Trail, Fresh Paint, and Connection #5.

Songs include: "El Extrano Del Pelo Largo," "Caballos Verdes," "Soy Igual A Los Demas," "La Luna Ya No Es De Queso," "Hijo Del Diablo," No Crean Que Esio," "Aqui Terminara," "Rosemary," "Mujer De Los Mil Dias," "Deja Que Conozca El Mundo De Hoy," "Lo Que Te Falta Es Amor," "Otra Ves En La Via," Me Excito Mucho," La Doble Cero."

We ran the song titles through a Spanish to English translation program, and came up with this: "The Strange Hair Length," "Green Horses," "I Am Than Other," "The Moon Is No Longer Cheese," "Son Of The Devil," "Do Not Believe That Esio," "Here End," "Rosemary," "Woman Of The Thousand Days," "Leave That Meet Today's World," "What You Need Is Love," "See In Another Via," "I Get So Excited" (originally by the Equals), "The Double Zero."

Litto Nebbia, Miguel Bermúdez, Eduardo Bergara Leumann, Mirta Busnelli, Diana Maggi, Owe Monk, Nacha Guevara, José Luis Mazza, Liliana Caldini, Emilio Vidal, Mónica Lander

Plus this bonus selection...

The "best scenes" from several 1960s Mexican youth culture films. Scenes include: A shapely, long legged, dark-haired beauty in fishnet stockings sings and dances to Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66. A man cranks his stereo volume and wildly dances to Bill Haley's, "Rock Around the Clock." A groovy discothèque scene has all the patrons dancing to weedy-sounding rock 'n' roll with a cool Vox organ. Then a motorcycle roars into the club and a go-go girl sings, "Hang On Sloopy."

EL EXTRANO DEL PELO LARGO (a.k.a. The Long-Hair Stranger) 1970 movie on DVD

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