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Double Feature!

MOVE 1970
U.S. film. Excellent quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. Rare nude scenes. A classic early 1970s film that is part fantasy, part social commentary and totally New York. The movie's opening sequence is reversed film depicting Elliot Gould walking forward through Mid-Town, Manhattan as the rest of the city walks backwards, and brilliantly sets the tone for this absurd comedy that effortlessly blends reality and fantasy. The film's groovy theme song is a Bacharach-like sunshine folk-pop tune sung by Larry Marks.

Hiram Jaffe (Elliot Gould) is a young intellectual New York playwright whose writer's block have led him to walk dogs in central park and to author porno novels to make a living—which he describes as a "scatological existence." Dolly (Paula Prentiss) plays his braless wife who watches as he suffers a mental breakdown.

Hiram spends most of his day lost in fantasy, including dreams that his wife Dolly is sleeping with her boss or imagining a third breast on an attractive neighbor. Their drab, tiny apartment is in a state of turmoil, crammed with boxes for a move that's scheduled to happen that day.

On edge and unable to sit still, Hiram keeps leaving his apartment, which gives rise to the film's loosely episodic structure of one crazy event after another, including a psycho-sexual phone call with the mover's wife, an afternoon sexual tryst with a child-like, British blonde (Geneviève Waïte), and a creepy costume party.

Masculine inferiority is a thread running throughout the film and is suggested by Hiram's cramped New York studio apartment living conditions and his dream for a bigger one-bedroom apartment. Elliott Gould, Hiram Jaffe, Dolly Jaffe, Paula Prentiss, Geneviève Waïte, John Larch, Joe Silver. Move!

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV. Classic '70s commercials and PSAs. Blue Bonnet Margarine, Wisk, Magnavox TV, Blitz Beer, Adorn Hair Spray, Schlitz Beer, Jacobsen Lawn Mowers, US Marines, Folder's Coffee, Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid, Osterizer Blenders and many others. Outrageous 70s fashions and hairstyles.

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