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IT. film. In English. A "mondo" film that focuses on the up-to-no-good shenanigans of the 1960s European youth! Stuff you see… In England we see a gang of Rockers in a pub. A mod girl enters, she drops a coin into a gorgeous AMI Continental jukebox and the rockers (in black leather and white scarves) jump on their motorcycles and race around the town. The first one back to the pub "gets" the girl! Bored youth vacation at a resort with their self-absorbed parents. For kicks they decide to have a pig roast. They chase a pig around until someone stabs it. Some faint others drop their jaws in horror. In the end, nobody's hungry anymore.

Parisian artists put on a "Happening." Half-naked girls flail their long hair; film is projected onto bodies, splashing paint and a lot of avant-garde, Yoko Ono kind of stuff. German teenagers tour Dachau concentration camp museum. A little over 20 years earlier their parents probably knew what was going on at the camp. The teenagers have a hard time reconciling that fact. Some grizzly sites! Teenagers play a game of chicken riding on top of an elevator car! England's "Poppy Day" is celebrated to supposedly celebrate veterans. It looks more like the Greenwich Village, NY Halloween parade! In a French military academy a huge crowd of cadets and their dates dance the Madison.

In Italy, the most popular rock and roll group, Adriano Celentano and his Clan, are seen at a sidewalk café with a huge crowd surrounding them. They rehearse and then perform, "Sad Saturday Night." Next, Italian girls sing and dance on the beach. Another girl does a striptease while a portable record player spins a 45. A weird German college ritual where kids get their faces cut! In Amsterdam, a college hazing involving chasing the freshmen and shaving their heads. In a French gay club the 20-somethings gather and "socialize" while one patron goes to elaborate lengths applying makeup to look like a woman.

In Nottingham, England students participate in a semi-orgy—others dance while a record player provides the sounds. In Scotland, girls protest the materialism of the 60s. They don't like being sex objects either. In Switzerland a boy goes to a special clinic for males with no interest in sex. The clinic nurses try everything to get them interested. Next, in Sweden there is no racial prejudice as we see in the marriage celebration of a Swedish girl and a "colored" boy. Finally what do you get when you mix girls, hard liquor and a midnight graveyard?

The musical soundtrack is provided by Ennio Morricone, who later became famous with his stellar soundtracks for Sergio Leone's popular and genre-defining spaghetti Westerns. Malamondo!

MALAMONDO 1966 movie on DVD

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