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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Complete Un-Cut version. Color. Excellent quality. 16:9 aspect ratio. Pretty Jenny will do anything to escape her dreary and dull existence in rural Wales. She has dreams of glamour and wealth in the big city.

Her dreams are fueled by popular culture—television and magazine ads. Jenny says, "I want my share. Why do they show us these things if we're not meant to have some?"

She flees to London, has no money and only the clothes she's wearing. She pretends to be more than she is—asking men to buy her champagne while acting nonchalantly in high-class surroundings. Of course, men use her as much as she uses them.

Along the way she does meet a truly nice man—a bartender—who offers her love, protection, security and marriage. Jennie still yearns for wealth and glamour. When he says, "I think you're special," she dismisses him with biting contempt, "A barman thinks I'm somebody, that's bound to get my picture in the papers."

Jenny is always on the make and isn't happy unless she's drunk. In the end she's beautiful, wears a lavish wardrobe but is bitterly unhappy. Many of the cast and crew worked on "The Avengers," including Laurie Johnson whose great score gives a sense of sadness and regret to the film. Janet Munro, John Stride, Anne Cunningham, Alan Badel, Vanda Godsell, Norman Bird, Terence Alexander, Richard Thorp, Barbara Ferris.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. short film. A film montage showing the nightlife of London's Piccadilly Circus. The film begins in the early evening and ends past midnight as the last lingering passers-by are heading home. Nice Time captures the hopes and disappointments of real people in search of fun, amusement and escape in London's entertainment center. Very good soundtrack well-synched with the screen images.

BITTER HARVEST 1963 movie on DVD!

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