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Double Feature!

U.K. film. A violent teenage high school drama. John Saunders is fresh out of teacher's school and with modern "progressive" ideas about teaching he takes his first post at a rough East End, London school. He quickly realizes he's got himself into a very nasty school. The kids are rotten cockney troublemakers and the teachers, especially one, are viscous and sadistic. The rod is used regularly to punish the students by caning them across the palm of their hands. The Headmaster is full of useful information like: "The children here are duds, throw outs, all of them." "Always cane on the left hand, they need the other for writing." "Be careful calling them bastards, some of them are."

During a night street scene accompanied by a hip jazz soundtrack, Saunders goes to an attractive girl student's home to say hello to her parents. When they get there he is shocked by the filth and squalor. He realizes the parents aren't home as the girl begins to seduce him. Events culminate with the students going on a wild rampage riot and destroying the school. Saunders decides to leave teaching – maybe.

Some of the situations and dialog were nicked from "Blackboard Jungle." Then later, "Too Sir With Love" borrowed heavily from "Spare The Rod." If you like slum kid, juvenile delinquent high school films, "Spare The Rod" is a must see. Max Bygraves, Geoffrey Keen, Donald Pleasence, Betty McDowall, Peter Reynolds, Jean Anderson, Jeremy Bulloch, Annette Robertson. Spare the Rod.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. short film. Suburban teenage gangs knock children off their bikes and steal them! Other teens break windows for fun. A "nice" girl shoplifts. Bad boys steal cars. Teenage boys and girls travel to outlying towns to go to honky tonks where the bartenders turn a blind eye to the legal drinking age. Teens get sent to "real" jail become hardened. Nice kids, huh?

SPARE THE ROD 1961 movie on DVD

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