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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Early Juvenile Delinquent crime drama set during Prohibition. Hell's House was shot in thirteen days and was originally entitled, "Juvenile Court." After Jimmy Mason's mother is killed in a hit-and-run accident, he goes to live with his aunt and uncle, Emma and Henry Clark. There he meets their lodger, Kelly, whose bragging and apparent civic connections impress Jimmy.

Truth is, Kelly is a notorious bootlegger and when Jimmy asks him for a job he puts the boy to work taking orders for bootleg whisky. The police raid Kelly's office and because Jimmy will not name Kelly as his boss he is sentenced to three years in the state industrial school for boys. At the reform school Jimmy is forced to do hard labor in the brick yards but makes friends with Shorty, a sickly boy who tries to help Jimmy sneak a letter out to Kelly.

Shorty gets caught and when he doesn't rat on Jimmy he is sentenced to solitary confinement. When Jimmy learns that Shorty is seriously ill, he escapes and goes to Kelly and Kelly's girl friend, Peggy Gardner, for help. Kelly tries to evade his responsibility toward Jimmy, but Peggy calls newspaper columnist Frank Gebhardt, who has been desperately trying to expose the brutal conditions at the boy's reform school.

The authorities follow Jimmy to Gebhardt's office and are about to take him back, when at the last minute, Kelly has a change of heart, confesses his guilt, and admits the boy's innocence. Shorty, however, has already died due to the heartless abuses of the juvenile criminal justice system. Bette Davis, Pat O'Brien, Junior Durkin, Frank Coghlan Jr., Charley Grapewin, Morgan Wallace, Hooper Atchley.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. film. Master of ceremonies Willie Bryant hosts an evening of music captured live at Harlem's Apollo Theater. Duke Ellington and His Orchestra: "The Mooche." Awesome Louis Bellson drum solo. Larry Darnell: "What More Do You Want Me to Do." Coles and Atkins: "Wild Dancing." The Clovers: "Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash." Dinah Washington: "Only a Moment Ago." Nat "King" Cole and his trio: "The Trouble With Me Is You." Big Joe Turner: "Okimoshebop."

HELL'S HOUSE 1932 movie on DVD

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