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DINO (Studio One TV Play) 1956 

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DINO (Studio One TV Play) 1956     
U.S. TV show. Jan-2-56. A powerful episode of Westinghouse Studio One in Hollywood that was re-made into a theatrical film and released in 1957. Dino (Sal Mineo), a 15-year-old delinquent, has just been released from juvenile prison after four years on a murder rap. His parole officer begs an exhausted social worker who has no time for any additional cases to please talk with Dino. 

His parents were too busy and couldn't meet Dino when he got out of juvenile prison and the parole officer says Dino is going to explode unless someone talks him down. Dino has a depressing home life and younger brother who is in a gang that has rumbled and is planning something big. They want Dino to be their leader.  Dino has to decide how he wants to live his new life.

Look for JD teenage gangs wearing colors and leathers. 1950s teenage fashion and hair styles. Cool swing dance scene where the music features a honking sax, rock and roll song in the style of the Treniers. The teens say, Go man go, crazy man, dig it, and more! Ralph Meeker, Sal Mineo, Dort Clark, Robert Paget, Pat DeSimone, Rudy Bond, Edgar Stehli, Carolyn Brenner, Toni Halloran.

Plus these bonus selections...

U.S. TV episode of Naked City. Feb-7-59. When a teacher is found dead on the sidewalk below his fifth story classroom, Detective Halloran poses as the replacement teacher in the low-IQ, juvenile delinquent ridden high school, hoping to solve the case. Cool JD teen fashions. Teenage jive dancing in the classroom. Tough JD hood pulls switchblade on teacher.

U.S. TV episode of the Twilight Zone. Jan-31-64. Shelly Fabares is about to be zapped to death by aliens! Three leather jacket-wearing, motorcycle-riding guys arrive in a small town where they rent a house on a residential street. The neighbors begin to suspect something is not right. We find out that the leather guys are an advance team of aliens who plan to exterminate humans and take over planet Earth. Still, the motorcycle guys look cool.

DINO (Studio One TV Play) 1956 TV show on DVD

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