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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Dag Bandy is red-hot passion and cold steel anger all rolled into one explosive six-foot frame—she's a howling, humping hellcat with a major score to settle. Bury Me An Angel is a different kind of biker movie. It's directed by and starring...women...and told from a woman's point of view.

Dirty hippies who hang out in a garage indulge in beer, wine, pot, hash, coke, making out, coping feels, and groping. Hot chick, Dag Bandy, and her brother leave the garage and go into the house to replenish the beer supply when there's a knock at the front door. Dag's biker brother opens the door and gets his head blown off by a dark figure with a shotgun.

Because this isn't your typical testosterone-fueled film, we see that Dag isn't immediately consumed with manic vengeance to track down her brother's killer. Instead she's stunned for the first few days, and thinks about the situation carefully. We even see her privately weep while lying in bed and remembering cherished moments with her brother.

Finally Dag decides she must avenge her brother's death so, toting a shotgun, she sets off on a cross-state motorcycle hunt with her friends Bernie and Jonesy. Along the way Dag is repeatedly tormented by the image of her brother's head getting blown off.

Cool rock and roll soundtrack by the group East-West Pipeline including their song, "Let It Be." No, not that "Let It Be." They meet some interesting and wacky people along the way until ultimately Dag comes face-to-face with her brother's killer. As he begs for mercy and explains that the shotgun went off by accident and he didn't mean to kill her brother he tells Dag how sorry he is. Dag starts to pull back, thinking maybe she doesn't need to kill him. Then he says the one word the seals his fate—as he tells Dag that he knows how much she loved her brother, we hear his word, "incest." Boom! The shotgun explodes and the,the,the,the That's All Folks.

Female writer and director Barbara Peeters, who was script supervisor on Angels Die Hard was the first woman to direct a biker film. Dixie Peabody, Terry Mace, Clyde Ventura, Joanne Moore Jordan, Beach Dickerson, Dan Haggerty, Marie Denn, Dennis Peabody, Stephen Whittaker, Gary Littlejohn, David Atkins.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. Educational film. NBC films. The same festival footage is shown twice. Once narrated by the younger generation and again by old square adults. Both groups describe the events in completely different terms. Rare and interesting Woodstock footage that is not seen in the countless other films about Woodstock.

BURY ME AN ANGEL 1971 movie on DVD

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