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Double Feature!

U.S. film. The local rednecks frequent a juke joint called the Arcade Club. They're a nasty bunch of hicks who don't like bikers. The film opens with townsfolk leaping from their pick-ups wielding two-by-fours, pipes and other bludgeoning devices to kick the you-know-what out of the Angels who merely stopped in for a drink. The Angels are doing a good job of whooping some hillbilly butt when the sheriff arrives and breaks up all the fun. The Angels drunkenly agree to leave town.

The next day the town is having an annual celebration of some sort that includes American flags, pig wrestling and other stuff. Next we see the Angels sitting in what looks like a junkyard, drinking beer and reading poetry, when they discover that the town rednecks have just murdered an Angel on the other side of the town line.

The Angles, with their fallen brother in a pine box, return to town and proceed to wreck a pool joint and rape a busty waitress while they smear spaghetti all over her—and themselves. But believe it or not, the bikers are the good guys in this film.

Lots of original rock music on the soundtrack including Dewey Martin of Buffalo Springfield who gives us "Indian Child," and psychedelic rock band, Fever Tree who play "Death Is A Stranger."

There are several fine fuzz guitar workouts among the bands on the soundtrack. A large portion of the score was laid down by East-West Pipeline, a fairly obscure group from Colorado who play on nine tracks including the heavy sludge riffing of "You Could Be" and "Taking a Bath," and the sweet psychedelia of "Questions." Tom Baker, William Smith, Carl Steppling, Frank Leo, Alan DeWitt, Gary Littlejohn, Beach Dickerson, Rita Murray, Dan Haggerty, Bambi Allen, Dirty Denny, Dixie Peabody. Angels Die Hard.

Plus this bonus selection...


U.S. film. One of the first films to feature skateboarding shows a group of kids styling around on clay wheels, walking the nose, and doing insane tricks on narrow little death planks! The surf rock soundtrack features Davie Allan and the Arrows playing "Skaterdater Rock."

ANGELS DIE HARD 1970 movie on DVD

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