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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. The Young Graduates follows the ups and downs of a group of high school seniors exploring their first taste of independence. The film's tagline was, "A Report Card on the Love Generation."

The film opens in a high school auditorium where all the teenagers are dancing wildly to a (nearly) all-girl rock group who are waling on one of those 70s fuzz-rock, extended guitar solo songs. Just as the Hammond organ solo is really groovin', a fight breaks out.

High school senior Mindy just turned 18 and to celebrate she has an affair with her married photography teacher. He's afraid of getting caught because he doesn't want to lose his $10K/year job.

The Young Graduates features hippies, rock music, drugs, nudity, adultery, bikers, attempted rape, (you can't have bikers without rape) and a road-trip to big sur. The hair and clothing are classic early 70s; lots of stripes, and since it's the beginning of the polyester era, there's plenty of wild-patterned, wide-collared shirts.

Look for: stoners passing joints, drip candles, and tables made from large wooden cable spools. Cool drag racing scene featuring hot rods, rails, and jet engine powered dragsters. Terrific look at southern California buildings, cars, fashions and roadways. Music by Pat Russell's "The Spare Change." Much of the soundtrack sounds like a poor man's Burt Bacharach.

Like they say in the film, it's heavy, uptight, outtasite, far out, groovy and a gas! Like, it's your bag and you can dig it. Seriously, they say all this stuff! This was Bruno Kirby's first film. Patricia Wymer, Tom Stewart, Gary Rist, Bruno Kirby, Jennifer Ritt, Dennis Christopher, Joe Pepe, Marly Holiday. The Young Graduates!

Plus this bonus selection...

BUNNY 1971
U.S. educational short. Bunny is a young college girl who is estranged from her mother and lives in a house with other girls and smokes pot for fun. She "raps" about her drug use, why she does it and how it affects her lifestyle, ambitions and self-perception. Bunny has that late 60s mod "Yardley" look. She and her hot girlfriends smoke a joint, drink cheap wine and act silly. She also digs Psilocybin and Mescaline especially the way colors look. Actually, everything is a lot better, she says, when you're stoned.


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