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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen letterbox. Complete un-cut, nude version. Up In The Cellar is a satire of many things; radical college students, adult establishment hypocrisy, American justice and the late 60s sexual revolution.

University student Colin Slade (Wes Stern) is a beatnik-hippie-poet whose scholarship gets revoked by a computer glitch. The university's president, Maurice Cambers (Larry Hagman), is a pompous, glory-seeking political aspirant who tells Colin that the world is full of hard knocks and he'll have learn to roll with the punches.

Dejected, Colin is intercepted by Hugo Cain (David Arkin), the leader of the university's radical revolutionary group, who tries to persuade Colin to commit suicide by immolation as a protest against the system. Colin is afraid of fire so he decides to jump to his death from a radio tower where Maurice Cambers is declaring his run for the Senate on a platform of decency and righteous living.

Colin reads his last poem and then jumps from the tower—only to get caught on a piece of metal that leaves him dangling. What was supposed to be act to humiliate president Cambers, turns into a heroic Senate-guaranteeing opportunity as Cambers climbs the tower to rescue Colin.

Colin seeks revenge on the president by seducing his wife (Joan Collins), daughter (Nira Barab) and black secretary/mistress (Judy Pace). He succeeds on all three but in the end Cambers is better off than before. No justice.

Up In The Cellar was filmed in Las Cruces, NM and features scenes of downtown and the university campus. When Colin films the president's daughter in the nude and shows the film as a "porno," the startled reaction of the shocked senior citizens is real—they were lured into the theater thinking they were going to see scenes from, "The Sound of Music."

Up In The Cellar is a quirky snapshot of late 60's culture, student activism and the generation gap. Look for late 60s hair, fashion and interior decorating. "Sweet Secanol, How I love you."

Larry Hagman plays the roll of a Texan with the drawl and mannerisms that he would repeat in "Stardust" and later in "Dallas." AIP described the film as, "near a sequel to '3 (Three) in the Attic' as possible."

Music by Don Randie. Hamilton Camp sings: "Didn't I Turn Out Nice" and "Three Loves." Wes Stern, Joan Collins, Larry Hagman, Judy Pace, David Arkin, Nira Barab, Bill Svanoe, Charles Pinney, David Cargo, Joan Darling.

Plus this bonus selection...

TOM 1972
U.S. educational short. Tom is an intellectual, longhair hippie, drop-out, surfer dude who does all the usual early 70s hippie things like, smoking pot, dropping acid and hanging out with other hippies like him.

UP IN THE CELLAR 1970 movie on DVD

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