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R.P.M. 1970

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R.P.M. 1970
U.S. film. It's a revolution, man! Radical college students are out to bug the establishment. A group of square East Coast university administrators are in a dilemma: the revolutionary students have taken over the administration building and are demanding a new President be installed to bargain with the rebelling students. They have chosen a hipster, Ph.D, sociology professor F.W.J. "Paco" Perez (Anthony Quinn).

Paco "likes" undergrads, especially sexy Ann-Margret who is his current live-in girlfriend. In one scene Ann-Margret shoves wads of food in her mouth, shakes her long hair, wears a see-through top and mumbles her dialog. Did we mention see-through top?

Gary Lockwood and Paul Winfield are the student leaders who present Paco with their list of twelve demands. There are lots of scenes where the students explain their dissatisfaction the establishment. Listen for 1970's slang: "Lay it on me," "Right on," "Heavy man," "Sound it out," and "Where it's at." A girl revolutionary says, "They got no balls…they got empty scrotes."

Not a happy ending as the riot squad is called in to forcibly remove the demonstrators. The tear gas starts flying, nightsticks start cracking heads and the blood starts flowing. There are no easy answers in a revolution.

Soundtrack includes: Melanie: "Stop! I Don't Wanna' Hear It Anymore." Chris Morgan: "All Night Long," "We Don't Know Where We're Goin'," "When I Get Home To You." Anthony Quinn, Ann-Margret, Gary Lockwood, Paul Winfield, Graham Jarvis, Alan Hewitt, Ramon Bieri, John McLiam, Don Keefer, Donald Moffat, Norman Burton, John Zaremba, Ines Pedroza.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. Educational film. A right-wing view of the early 70's hippie-student protest movement. During the opening credits the film shows actual footage of riots, marches, and protests, including the march on the Pentagon and the protests at Lafayette Park. The narrator says that student protesters have been duped by "the Commies" into thinking that America needs to change. Using some outrageous revisionist history, the film attempts to set the record straight. Ed Nelson, Gary Crabbe.

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