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Triple Feature!

U.K. documentary. "I'm Here To Tell You, It's Happening All Over." This was an episode of the U.K. series "Whickers World" and provides a fascinating look at the 1967 San Francisco and Los Angeles hippie scenes – from the U.K. perspective. The BBC managed to capture sights and sounds that weren't portrayed in U.S. reporting at the time.

In San Francisco: Interviews with hippie intellectuals who rationalize their lifestyle. The camera moves slowly down Haight Street, through the panhandle and Golden Gate Park to provide a vivid view of the 1967 hippie-love scene. The Council for the Summer of Love holds a press conference. Young people in their teens and twenties (hippies versus non-hippies), debate on the merits of the hippie moment. (Which is quite unique because usually it was the hippies verses the older generation.)

The Grateful Dead and friends smoke pot while the narrator says, "We're living in the stoned age." A lengthy interview with Chet Helms. The Dead perform, "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" amid a swirling and dazzling light show. The camera captures Chet Helms and friends taking LSD and then follows them around in the Redwoods. They eat leaves and laugh while the soundtrack plays, "Strawberry Fields Forever."

In Los Angeles: An interview with the (then) oldest hippie, Vito Paulekas who says LSD is not an answer. Then, a very cool look at the Sunset Strip scene where a group (who are they?) plays live in front of Pandora's Box while kids gyrate on pot and LSD. Then the fuzz comes and breaks up the fun. Chet Helms addresses the crowd at the Los Angeles, March 1967, Elysian Park, hippie "Love-In" and introduces the Miller Blues Band (featuring a young Steve Miller who sings "Mercury Blues"). Alan Whickers says, "LSD provides instant mysticism" and the hippies live in "Holy poverty."

Plus these bonus selections...

U.K. documentary. This is an episode of the U.K. TV program, "Man Alive" which was broadcast on May-17-67. A very good look at the Apr-26-67, 14-Hour Technicolor Dream held in Alexandra Palace, London which was a blend of LSD, performance art, poetry and psychedelic rock music. Terrific footage of this "Be-In" event. The London hippie scene-philosophy held many of the same beliefs as the California scene, except they dressed a bit more stylish!

The Exploding Galaxy Ballet Company perform while "Tomorrow Never Knows" radiates from the sound system. Yoko Ono is seen during the performance of, "A Pretty Girl is Like a Manifesto" in which volunteers take a pair scissors and clip a pretty girl's clothing piece by piece. A group called "The Flies" play, "Purple Haze" while go-go girls gyrate on stage. A lot of way-out, bizarre happenings! An interview with a Teddy Boy who's having a terrible time and says he doesn't "get it!"

U.K. TV. May-14-67. An episode of the U.K. TV program that features a live in-studio performance of Pink Floyd performing "Astronomy Domine" and an interview with Sid Barrett and Roger Waters. The interviewer, Hans Keller, is a bit of a sour puss and is quite condescending during his interview where he complains that their music is too loud.


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