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Double Feature!

U.K. documentary. At the time of the 25th anniversary of Woodstock this documentary examined the lives of some of the people who attended the 1969 festival to discover how their lives have changed over the years.

Lots of vintage raw news footage, police surveillance films and fan-filmed scenes of the 1969 Woodstock festival. Interviews with the festival attendees 25 years later as middle-aged adults to show how their lives have scattered in every direction.

As adults some have retained their "peace, love and share" philosophies while others moved into mainstream yuppiedom. Two women who thought the festival was going to be a "nice little outdoor concert" brought a change of clothes and a hair blow dryer. Some of the interviewees describe the festival as terrible and liken it to the trenches of World War I with mud, ticks, and miserable discomfort.

Interviews with Bobby and Nick Ercoline the couple that was famously photographed wrapped in a blanket on the Woodstock LP cover. 1969 festival organizer Michael Lang, is shown preparing for the new Woodstock Festival (which turned into the complete disaster Woodstock '94).

Interviews: Michael Lang, Wavy Gravy, John Sebastian, Richie Havens, Tom Law, Peter Chenlick, Josh White, Andrew Tatarsky, Nancy Cohen, Jack Harrison (State Police), many others.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. documentary. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream. A groovy trip to the psychedelic 60s. Vintage footage in London's Underground Freakout (UFO) Club where they emulated the psychedelic light shows of San Francisco and took a lot of LSD.

Tons of vintage footage including the David Frost Programme when Jerry Ruben lit a joint, asked David to try some, and dozens of hippies came out of the audience to party on stage. Hippies freaking out on LSD. Famous rock star drug busts. Legendary boutiques including Biba, Granny Takes A Trip, The Bus Stop, Pot, The Shop, Hung on You.

Former hippies tell how absolutely terrible the then-fashionable afghan coats smelled and say they could never get laid when they were wearing one. Dennis Hopper describes being in Golden Gate Park while parachuters were descending and throwing tabs of LSD down to everyone in the gathering.

Vintage performance footage of Joni Mitchell, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, the Doors, Country Joe, Free, Jefferson Airplane, John Lennon, etc. Interviewees: Wavy Gravy, Graham Nash, Dennis Hopper, Toni Basil, John Peel, Joni Mitchell, Susan George, Jeremy Clarkson, Nigel Planer, Joy Boyd, Arthur Brown, Ray Manzarek, Karen Black, Reg Presley, many others.


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