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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. Joey Dee and The Starlighters, Jo-Ann Campbell, Teddy Randazzo. Great early 1960s New York City greaseball culture! The twisting go-go scene goes Italian at the Peppermint Lounge.

Two brothers quit school and invent a new dance craze turning their father's little Italian restaurant into the most happening scene in NYC. All the original teenage patrons are pushed aside as the jet-set class invades and no-cover, no minimum becomes a thing of the past. Joey Dee's thick New Jersey accent is awesome! "You tell pop wuh gonna quit school fa duh twist."

Lots of close ups of twisting butts and shaking racks! Jo-Ann Campbell is a hottie! Songs include: "Hey, Let's Twist," "Round and Round," "Let Me Teach You How To Twist," "Roly Poly," "Peppermint Twist," and many more! The most real of all the Twist movies. Is that Joe Pesci directly to Joey Dee's right when twisting at Peppermint Lounge? Anyone know? Hey Let's Twist.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. Apr-1-62. "Ed, The Beachcomber." Teenage beatniks have taken over Roger's beachfront property and do nothing but lie around, play records, and ride surfboards all day. Roger asks Wilbur to help rid him of his beatnik problem. Buzz Dixon, one of the hipster beatniks delivers lines like "We dig pessimism" and "Do you dig it the most?" Or course, Mr. Ed becomes, like, an artist and poetry-reciting beatnik, man.

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