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HEY YOU, GO! 1968

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HEY YOU, GO! 1968
JPN. GS film. 1960s Japanese Group Sounds band, the Jaguars star in this Beatles-inspired rock n roll movie. Here's a sample of what's going on: wild on-stage performance footage of the Jaguars while Buddhist monks go through airport customs. The Jaguars play on a balcony to fans below while the screen goes trippy with psychedelic prism effects—makes you think the Jaguars must have been "experienced!"

Next, a pie fight, then a Jaguar plays guitar while mod girls surround him licking lollypops! A "Dr. Evil" type character pushes buttons and people disappear. Several scenes taken directly from "Help!" Lots of music scenes and mod, bright, vibrant colors. The music is very good and sounds like Beatle vocal harmonies mixed with "Psychotic Reaction" type fuzz guitar! [In Japanese. No Subtitles.] Hey You Go!

Plus this bonus selection...

1960s Group Sounds reunion with "Monkee" Davy Jones, the Ventures and the Carnabeats!

HEY YOU, GO! 1968 movie on DVD

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