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Triple Feature!

U.S. film. This powerful film creeps up on your emotions; it's very well acted with intense subject matter. The setting is shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis when fallout shelters and Civil Defense educational films were common.

The teachers and students of a rural elementary school are thrown into a panic when their school's warning system goes off. There are four different colored codes, this one is yellow, which means a nuclear attack will occur within one hour.

The principal gathers everyone on the playground and designates teachers to walk home groups of students. They all hope it's a false alarm—but no one knows so they have to assume the threat is real.

One of the groups is lead by the anxious Mrs. Andrews who becomes dazed as the walk continues. Back at school someone has informed the administrators that it's a false alarm (is it?) so they drive looking for the teachers to let them know everything is okay. However, the children tell Mrs. Andrews that if they cut through a field it will be faster to their homes. Now off the main road, Mrs. Andrews and her group of children become convinced that a nuclear attack is imminent, (and maybe it is).

The story follows how the children and Mrs. Andrews deal with the coming end-of-the-world. The story packs a powerful punch, is based on a real-life situation and the ending will leave you freaked out. William Daniels, Nancy Marchand, Estelle Parsons, James Frawley, Doug Chapin, Miles Chapin, Jane Connell, Richard Hamilton, Kathryn Hays, Judith Lowry, Alice Playten.

Note: This film occupies a smaller area on a 16:9 television than the typical 4:3 screen size but it's still completely enjoyable.

Plus these bonus selections...

U.S. Civil Defense film. Short film that explain the dangers of an atom bomb exploding in your vicinity and what you must do if you see the flash! "There was a turtle by the name of Bert, and Bert the turtle was very alert; when danger threatened him he never got hurt, he knew just what to do... He'd duck! [gasp] and cover! Duck! [gasp] and cover! He did what we all must learn to do... You and you, and you and you! [bang, gasp] Duck, and cover!"

U.S. Civil Defense film. Atomic tests at the Nevada Proving Grounds show the after-blast effects on well-kept homes, homes filled with trash and combustibles, and homes painted with reflective white paint. This film explains that cleanliness is an essential part of civil defense preparedness and that it will increase your survivability. Some of the most spectacular atom bomb explosions and destruction ever filmed.

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