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Hard to Find Movies!

The VIDEO BEAT! is the No.1 spot on the web for hard to find movies & TV show that focus on 1950s & 1960s rock 'n' roll and teenage youth culture.


We are a primary source material provider for authors, publishers, and educators researching the roots of rock and roll and teenage culture on film and television.


1950s & 1960s Youth Culture on DVD!



The Lollypop CoverBeach Ball

Crime In The StreetsA Time To Sing

The SubterraneansThe Beat Generation

Let No Man Write My EpitaphHot Rod Gang

Hell's Angels '69

Twist All NightAll This And World War II


Rock and Roll Movies!
The Rock and Roll section is where you'll find 1950s & 1960s rock 'n' roll movies that contain historical music performances and vintage footage of important artists in their prime. If you dig the original rockers of rock and roll, these are the DVDs for you!


Teen TV Shows!
The TV Shows section is where you'll find 1950s & 1960s TV shows with a special emphasis on rock and roll and teen culture. If you dig your rock 'n' roll on television, then check out these titles.


Pop Culture Documentaries!
The Miscellaneous Mod & Cool section is where you'll find an assortment of 1950s & 1960s sights, sounds, news, fads, fashions, pop culture and fun. If you dig hipsters, happenings, jitterbugin', exploitation, mods, rockers and oddballs, these are the discs for you!


Beatnik, Hippie & Drug Movies!
The Beatnik, Hippie & Drug section is where you'll find hipsters, scenesters, drugs and more! If you dig counter-culture life styles, bongos, hippies, acid freaks, hip chicks and 1960s garage bands on video, then checkout these hard to find DVDs!


JD & Hot Rod Movies!
The JDs, Bikers and Hot Rod section is where you'll find JDs, hot rods and teenage fun. If you dig switchblades, leather jackets, ducktails, bullet bras, cat fights, cool cars, hip talk, and bad girls on video, then you're in luck 'cos we got 'em on DVD!


Music Documentaries!
The Documentaries section is where you'll find rare music documentaries. If you dig original rock 'n' roll and want to know the inside story of important artists and see vintage performance footage, these are the titles for you!


Hard to Find Movies on DVD!