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1.  What are discount codes and how can I get them?
They are codes redeemable for savings in your web shopping cart. They appear on a viewable-once webpage if you take the mini survey during registration. They are also received via email newsletter if you opt-in to receive new title updates. Finally, they can appear on our website. Take a look to the right, there may be a discount code offer now! They are time-sensitive and will expire. Please read your email newsletter or website offer to see which code(s) are currently active.

To receive our monthly newsletter that includes a discount code simply register here! You'll be be given an opportunity to receive a discount code you can use on your first order. Then once or twice a month we'll email you a newsletter containing new titles and your new discount code. (Note: if you incorrectly enter your email address when registering, you will not receive discount codes, order confirmations, or any other email communication from us.)


2.  How do they work?
It's super-easy!  Simply add titles to your shopping cart and look for the "Discount Codes" box. (see example below). Enter a valid code, click "Apply Code" and poof!—like magic your discount will appear!  Our discount system is automated so you must enter your discount code into the Discount Codes box to receive a discount!  Discounts cannot be applied after you order!  Only one discount code can be applied to each order.

   Save some moolah!  Use a code!


Enter your
discount code and click "Apply Code."

   Saving the green is righteous!


You'll see your discount amount subtracted.
It's that easy!

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Click on "Proceed to Checkout" to finalize your order and we'll begin immediate processing. You'll receive a confirmation email summarizing your purchase. 

When your order ships you'll receive another email notification. When your order arrives invite all your pals over for a cool viewing party and you'll be the No. 1 tastemaker in town!  Guaranteed.
                                                                               It's popcorn, baby!It's popcorn, baby!