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JPN. GS film. 1960s Japanese Group Sounds band, the Spiders star in this very "Help! inspired" musical romp. It's a Big Commotion as a train enters Tokyo station and the Spiders get off. Wild screaming fans and a getaway in a '64 Ford Galaxy 500 station wagon (What? No Toyota?!)

A mod girl in a sports car crashes into them. The Spiders go to the hospital for some bizarre treatments! Flash to wild concert footage that includes psychedelic painted guitars and amps!

This movie has many wild fantasy sequences that include a battlefield, Wild West, Charlie Chaplin, Sgt. Pepper, marriage, north pole, soccer game, etc. Very cool scene in a mod boutique; you can hear the Spiders say in English "psychedelic souvenirs." A groovy naked girl is painted in glow paint (you can see her nipples!).

The music sounds like the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Electric Prunes! Rock n roll scenes include rooftop and TV studio rehearsals and concert footage. The music is an eclectic mix of rock, fuzz, ballad, garage, surf and 60s drug influenced psychedelic pop. Carnaby Street influenced fashions. Tons of songs including "Ban Ban" and "Go Go'" [In Japanese. No Subtitles.] Big Commotion!

Bonus Selections: 1960s Japanese TV commercials and Shindig! Hits of the 60s.

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