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Double Feature!

U.S. film. The Hoodlum, set in Los Angeles, is an excellent, shadowy B-film noir, that is totally without pretense or glamour, and there is utterly no sympathy for the leading anti-hero. Vincent Lubeck (Lawrence Tierney) is a bad-boy hood who has just been released from prison thanks in-part to the pleas of his elderly mother. He gets a job working at his brother's gas station, but bored and envious, he steals his brother's girlfriend, knocks her up and refuses to get married. As a result the sad girl commits suicide.

Vincent takes a keen interest in an armored car that makes regularly stops in front of the bank across the street, and he plans a robbery with his thug associates. He flirts with a female bank employee, obtaining useful information on the bank's operations.

They make the score and with the loot in hand, the accomplices begin to turn on Vincent. His criminal actions are detested by his family, and they no longer help him. Even his own brother turns against him. Now he is on his own. The manhunt is on: will Vincent escape, return to prison, or get killed? Lawrence Tierney, Allene Roberts, Marjorie Riordan, Lisa Golm, Edward Tierney, Stuart Randall, Angela Stevens, John De Simone, Tom Hubbard.

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U.S. TV episode of Naked City. Feb-17-59. When a teacher is found dead on the sidewalk below his fifth story classroom, Detective Halloran poses as the replacement teacher in the low-IQ, juvenile delinquent-ridden high school, hoping to solve the case. Cool JD teen fashions. Teenage jive dancing in the classroom. Tough JD hood pulls switchblade on teacher. John McIntire, James Franciscus, Robert Morris.

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