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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Excellent quality. Letterbox. Friends is a teen-romance with soundtrack music by Elton John and lyrics by Bernie Taupin. An ignored 15-year-old English boy named Paul Harrison (Sean Bury), living in Paris with his rich father, befriends an orphaned 14-year-old French girl named Michelle Latour (Anicée Alvina). She has newly arrived in Paris to live with her cousin but quickly finds the situation in her cousin's apartment to be alarmingly nasty.

Together, Paul and Michelle run away to tranquil marshlands where Michelle's recently deceased father owned a small cottage. There, they set up housekeeping, become lovers, have a baby, and play at being responsible adults. Along the way, they discover many of the troubles involved with family life. Ultimately, the police who have responded to a missing-persons report from Paul's father, find the couple and separates them, presumably taking their baby into protective custody.

A few scenes with French dialog feature English subtitles. The film was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best English-Language Foreign Film at the 1972 Golden Globe Awards. It was also nominated for a Best Original Score Written for a Motion Picture at the 1972 Grammy Awards. Sean Bury, Anicée Alvina, Ronald Lewis, Toby Robins, Joan Hickson, Pascale Ro, Sady Rebbot.

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CAN. Educational film. A classroom social guidance film that feels just like a juvenile delinquent movie. It's the story of Dave: his girlfriend just dumped him; his father thinks he is a loser, and the football coach has benched him. What's a 1950s teenager to do? Dave slashes the tires of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend's hot rod. But it doesn't end there: Dave's emotional instability becomes a cascading shower of maliciousness and destructive behavior.

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