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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. A man and woman con artist team land in Los Angeles and are soon setting up sophisticated swindles; after a series of cons, they finish up with the "big con" — a clairvoyant nightclub act. (Similar to The Sting, but better thanks to the 1950s locations and vibe). The story unfolds in documentary-noir style, with an introduction by the L.A. County Sheriff and continuing with a narrator explaining the actions taken by the con artists and law enforcement. These con artists know their game and leave the police (and film audience) completely baffled.

Here's an example of how this team works: Mary visits a pawnshop posing as a famous violinist looking for an antique. She selects a worthless instrument that Roger had pawned days earlier. When the shop owner tells her that the violin is still being paid off, she offers him $10,000 and gives him a $1,000 deposit. The owner makes sure the check is good then immediately contacts Roger to offer him $500. Roger holds out until the owner pays $8,000. When the owner calls Mary to get the remainder of her payment, she tells him she no longer wants the violin. Ouch!

Tom Conway, Hillary Brooke, Eddie Marr, John Gallaudet, Jack Kruschen, Dan Riss, Walter Kingsford, Paul Livermore, Aline Towne, Helen Van Tuyl.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. Bob buys Chuck a guitar to help him win back his steady girlfriend who has flipped for a teenaged rock and roll star. Bob's Swedish girlfriend, "Miss Sweden," also digs rock and roll. Bob Cummings, Ann B. Davis, Dwayne Hickman, Nancy Kulp, Ingrid Goude.

CONFIDENCE GIRL 1952 movie on DVD!

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