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BLACK TOONS 1930s-1940s - VOLUME 4

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IMPORTANT: We are NOT RACIST. These cartoons are exploitative and disgusting. They are being offered for historical purposes only. These cartoons are not for children, or some adults.

U.S. cartoon shorts. Offered as an historical document. Very racist with nasty stereotypes. Some wild rhythm & blues, jazz groups and boogie woogie music parodies. Cartoons include:

JASPER AND THE HAUNTED HOUSE 1942. Stop-action photography (like "Gumby") is used to tell the story of Jasper, a black boy, who delivers a pie to Deacon Jones but gets tricked into entering a haunted spook house. An invisible ghost plays a terrific boogie-woogie piano! BOSKO SHIPWRECKED 1931. Bosko ends up a tasty treat for some jungle natives! As usual there are spears, bones through noses and a boiling cauldron.

THE STUPIDSTITIOUS CAT 1947. A cartoon parody of the famous "Jack Benny Program" with a black crow playing the part of "Rochester" (who was black and played a stereotypical black role on the Jack Benny Program.) Yes 'um Boss! SUDDENLY IT'S SPRING 1944. A sick girl needs sunshine to get well. So Raggedy Ann goes rides off on a kite to talk to the sun, who tells her to talk to Mr. Cloudy (a "lazy black" stereotype), who can't do anything until Mr. Breezy moves him out of the way. Then, she must see Mr. Zero....Uh Oh!

PORKY'S ANT 1941. Porky Pig is in search of the elusive pigmy ant of central Africa. THE LOST DREAM 1949. Little Audrey's black housekeeper scolds her for reading by the moonlight and tells her to go to bed. Little Audrey ignores her and has an "out of body" experience, and a "lost dream" shows her how dreams are made...but then she opens the nightmare door! OUTDOOR INDORE 1928. Felix joins the circus and travels to India. FLOP GOES THE WEASEL 1934. A very black stereotype of "Mammy" portrayed by a large hen giving birth to a baby chick. ROBINSON CRUSOE JR. 1941. Porky Pig against African natives.

THE TALKING MAGPIES 1946. The first screen appearance of cartoon characters Heckle and Jeckle. SWISS CHEESE FAMILY ROBINSON 1947. Mighty Mouse saves a mouse family from jungle cannibals who cook, lick and are ready to eat them! ALI-BABA BOUND 1940. Porky Pig battles extremist Muslims; one has a bomb on his head in place of a turban.

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