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Double Feature!

U.S. TV show. Clean-cut, teen idol Fabian stars as a hip-talking, psychopathic murderer in this rare episode of the short-lived, 60 minute TV series, "Bus Stop."

It's shocking to see wholesome, teenage heartthrob Fabian in such a demented role! Much has been written about this infamous episode and it's chilling to watch today. Fabian gropes an older woman, robs a grocery, shoots and kills an old man and pulls a knife in a rockin' juke joint before he is arrested. He burns his hand with a candle (while singing a gospel tune) to make it look like he'd been brutally interrogated. His lawyer gets him off a murder rap, but then later Fabian pulls a knife and robs him.

Before it even aired, "A Lion Walks Among Us" was previewed for ABC's affiliates; twenty-five of them, including ones in major markets such as Atlanta, Baltimore, and Dallas, refused to air it. TV critics were almost universal in their condemnation. Jack Gould of The New York Times referred to it as, " hour of dark and sordid ugliness." Newsweek called it, "...a cynical, perverted, and flaked-up opus." The Los Angeles Times described it as, "...a sleazy, nasty, sex-laden, slice-of-sensational trash reminiscent of the worst in drug-store fiction."

The episode caused such a furor when it aired on December 3, 1961 that it was brought up in Congressional hearings on violence on television in 1962 and later that same year in FCC hearings. As a result of all the outrage, "Bus Stop" was quickly taken off the air.

Note: The quality of this title is somewhat below our usual high standards but after having seen a couple of other versions in circulation it was determined that THIS version is the best of the lot. It has much improved contrast and definition and cleaner audio. In other versions the audio crackles and is plagued by a loud 60 Hz hum throughout. No such audio problems here and improved video definition. Fabian, Marilyn Maxwell, Rhodes Reason, Richard Anderson, Dianne Foster, Philip Abbott, Jenny Maxwell.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. Fabian and Frankie Avalon are interviewed "live" in Hollywood from the home of their manager, Bob Marcucci. Marcucci's mother (a real old-time Italian "Mama") is charged with taking care of them.

Fabian's pompadour is about a foot and a half high! The interviewer, Charles Collingwood, asks them serious questions about Fabian's current movie, Frankie's nightclub act and their competition in the record charts. They talk about how they met and their fabulous success stories.

A LION WALKS AMONG US 1961 movie on DVD!

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