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U.S. film. Great quality. 4:3 aspect ratio. "Surf ridin', skin divin', sky jumpin', drag racin', beach bashin' boys and their bikini a blast of a beach brawl!" Three aspiring rockers in a group called, "The Wigglers," attempt to raise enough money to get their instruments out of hock. Very cool Long Beach, California custom-car show featuring the Silhouette!

"Beach Ball" feels like the companion film to, "The Girls on the Beach." The music will knock your socks off! Edd Byrnes says stuff like,"Don't bug me, baby. I'm in orbit." Look for Sid Haig as the drummer for Righteous Brothers!

The Supremes, the Four Seasons, the Righteous Brothers, the Hondells, the Walker Brothers, the Nashville Teens. Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Chris Noel, Robert Logan, Gale Gilmore, Aaron Kincaid. Dick Miller, Mikki Jamison, Don Edmonds, Brenda Benet, James Wellman, Anna Lavele, Jack Bernardi.

The Supremes sing "Come to the Beach Ball with Me" and "Surfer Boy;" the Four Seasons sing "Dawn;" the Hondells sing Brian Wilson's "My Buddy Seat;" the Righteous Brothers go ape on "Baby What You Want Me to Do;" and the Walker Brothers wail on "Doin' the Jerk." Other songs in the film include: "I Feel So Good," "Surfin' Shindig," "Wiggle Like You Tickled," "We've Got Money."

Plus this bonus selection...

TV show. The summer is winding down and Gidget decides to take up surfing. She meets an older surf bum who gives her some pointers. When she returns to the beach the next day, he's there again and Gidget begins to dig him the most. The new school year begins and Gidget flips out when she discovers her summer crush is now her math teacher! Fun stuff: When Gidget (Sally Fields) enters her math classroom, one of the student yells out, "Hey, Sally!"

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