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JN. film. It's a mod, mod japanese world in...1968! Paul McCarney and Ringo Starr are secretly in Japan teaching kids rock and roll. (That's why the Spiders are so good!) Tomonoro Sasaki has been charged with starting a "group sounds" label for his record company (or it's back to producing nursery rhyme flexi-discs!), and has agent Kajii Ryosuke search out a group. He stumbles upon three lads calling themselves the Diamonds.

The song the company wants the group to record requires an organist and the only keyboard player Kajii can find is (girl) Miku Ono...but who has ever heard of a girl in a GS band? So, one promise of a solo contract and wig later, "Michio 'Mick' Ono" is part of the group. The Diamonds are a disaster, but when the label rebrands them as "The Tightsmen," they score a smash hit -- in part, of course, because the girls find Mick so dreamy.

Priceless scenes featuring hapless record company executives trying to pick the next "big thing" in the GS movement. Groovy sixties fashions and stage sets reminiscent of the Ed Sullivan show at its trippiest all come together to create fab good time! Cool onstage performance scenes featuring screaming fans, psychedelic camera work, Rickenbacker and Vox teardrop guitars, and Farfisa organs.

Jun Hashimoto and Kyohei Tsutsumi, both of whom composed music for original 1960s GS bands, The Golden Cups, The Dynamites, and Ox, have written 10 new songs for GS Wonderland. Ittoku Kishibe, who was a member of The Tigers, stars in the film. Note: Included on this disc are several film trailers from original 1960s GS films! Japanese film with English subtitles.

GS WONDERLAND 2008 movie on DVD

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