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Double Feature!

MX. film. Mexican film, "To the Beat of the Twist," is a typical quick flick produced with the same look and feel of Sam Katzman's Rock and Roll and Twist movies of the same period. There's a thin plot but lots of rock and roll and youth culture scenes. The story involves a youth whose only interest is dancing, but his uncle, hoping to teach him some responsibility, puts him in charge of his swimsuit business. This creates the opportunity for the director to display lots of bikini clad beauties throughout the film.

The fun includes: lots of teens (and not-so teens) dancing their butts off. Crooked camera angles. In school, the teacher leaves the classroom and all the kids throw their books in the air, scream and begin twisting on their desks. Vintage Fender guitars. Hot rods, Woodies, and Jalopies drive up and the kids jump out and begin twisting. Wardrobe by Sears Roebuck DE Mexico.

Most of the songs were hits and some are even remembered as "classics" of early '60s Mexican rock and roll. Johnny Laboriel and Los Rebeldes Del Rock: "Calendar Girl," "Melodía de amor." Los Beatniks: "Tampico Twist." Los Hooligans: "Agujetas de color de rosa." Los Crazy Boys: "La pulga." María Eugenia Rubio: "Cándida." Los Teen Tops: "Popotitos."

Erika Carlsson displays some cleavage and Elizabeth Campbell demonstrates her remarkable resemblance to Ann-Margret. Lisa Rossell shows that she can play the drums and do the twist. Manuel 'Loco' Valdés, Roberto Ramírez Garza, María Eugenia Rubio, Elizabeth Campbell, Erika Carlsson, Lisa Rossel, Joaquín García Vargas, Luis Aragón. Spanish language, no subtitles.

Plus this bonus selection...

The "best scenes" from several 1960s Mexican youth culture films are edited together. Scenes include: A shapely, long legged, dark-haired beauty in fishnet stockings sings and dances to Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66. A man cranks his stereo volume and wildly dances to Bill Haley's, "Rock Around the Clock."

A groovy discothèque scene has all the patrons dancing to some weedy-sounding rock and roll with a cool Vox organ. Then a motorcycle roars into the club and a go-go girl sings an extended version of, "Hang On Sloopy." Psychedelic drug scenes with swirling camera shots and a girl freaking out. Sitars, love beads, tripped out guru reciting poetry. Lots of Nehru collars and mod gear. Identical twins who sing and dance in unison wearing mini skirts and hip huggers at pool side. More.

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