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LES IDOLES (a.k.a. THE IDOLS) 1968

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LES IDOLES (a.k.a. THE IDOLS) 1968
FRA film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. French rock and roll, fashion and avant-garde! "Pop music is the sound that kills—then it makes us want to hear more!" The sites and sounds of the psychedelic sixties…French style! This spoof of French '60s pop culture involves three singing idols and their effort to stay in the public eye.

There is a dazzling array of fashion and music that combines psychedelic, beat, and pop. Almost half the film is eye-dazzling fashion and music. Pop culture, press conferences, backstage hedonism, psychedelia, manipulative managers and disc jockeys are all satirized.

Music performed by Les Rollsticks. Bulle Ogier, Pierre Clémenti, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Valérie Lagrange, Michèle Moretti, Joël Barbouth, Philippe Bruneau, Marie-Claude Breton, Stéphane Vilar, Patrick Greussay, Jacques Zins, Didier Léon. [French language with English subtitles.] Les Idoles.

LES IDOLES (a.k.a. THE IDOLS) 1968 movie on DVD

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