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GO!! SHOW, THE 1966 - Volume 1

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The GO!! Show was Melbourne, Australia's most up-tempo and rocking teenage music TV show and was modeled on Britain's Ready Steady Go! and America's Shindig!

Filmed before a live audience, The GO!! Show featured a mod look and English beat-group sound and (almost exclusively) featured local Melbourne performers. Lots of chunka-chunka guitar beat!

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
AUS TV Show. Jul-11-66. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne. Compered by Ian Turpie. Tony Shepp: "Security." Yvonne Barrett: "Off & Running." The Cherokees: "A Woman With Soul." Ian Turpie: "I Would Never Do That." Mike Furber: "You're Back Again." Terry Dean: "Wigglin' & Gigglin.'" The Cherokees: "I'll Give You Love." Tony Shepp: "Sweet Pea." Merv Benton: "King Of Love." Mike Furber: "You Stole My Love." Toni & Royce: "You're The Only One." Ian Turpie: "Another Saturday Night." Terry Dean: "Sticks & Stones."

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
AUS TV Show. Aug-1-66. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne. Compered by Ian Turpie. Ian Turpie & The Strangers: "It's Not Unusual." Marcie Jones: "That Hurts." Bobby & Laurie: "You'll Come Around." Yvonne Barrett: "Send Her Away." Buddy England: "Question." Tony Shepp: "Come To Your Window." Merv Benton: "(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy." The Strangers: "Put Yourself In My Place." Marty Kristian: "One Too Many Mornings." Normie Rowe: "Que Sera Sera." Joy Lemmon: "From The Shadows To The Sun." Terry Dean: "Sunny Afternoon." Ian Turpie: "Sunny," "New Orleans."

THE GO!! SHOW 1966
AUS TV Show. Sep-19-66. ATV Channel 0, Melbourne. Compered by Ian Turpie. The Purple Hearts: "Just A Little Bit." The Twilights: "Bad Boy." Marcie Jones: "You Can't Hurry Love." Billy Adams: "Dancing In Your Eyes." The D-Coys: "Bad Time." Billy Adams: "Come On & Dance With Me." Johnny Young: "Whatcha' Gonna Do Now." Marcie Jones: "That Hurts." The D-Coys: "You're Against." The Purple Hearts: "Early In The Morning." The Twilights: "If She Finds Out," "Needle In A Haystack."

THE GO!! SHOW 1966 - Volume 1 TV Show on DVD

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