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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Cool youth-oriented racing movie featuring Deborah Walley. It's the story a young man's efforts to get a ride in a top fuel dragster. Jeff, a wannabe drag racer, lucks-out while flogging his street-car at the local strip when a dragster team fires their driver and gives Jeff a chance to prove himself.

Absolutely tons of cool drag racing action! While trying to stay focused on racing, Jeff has troubles with his snooty, upper-class girlfriend. He dumps her and starts to dig a cute little hippie chick (Deborah Walley). Cool rock and roll club scene with hip-hugger-mid-drift-go-go girls shakin' their butts on the dance floor! Rock group plays songs: "Florida" and "Virginia."

Songs by Dick Campbell and Keypashine. Mark Slade, Jeremy Slate, Deborah Walley, John Davis Chandler, Preston Pierce, Mark Hopkins, Karen Swanson, Paul Smith, Kitty Murray, Stafford Morgan, Jeff Bushelman.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. documentary. This is an awesome looking documentary about the Hot Rod Nationals of 1958. This film's got it all…cool dudes, beautiful cars, wonderful scenery and lots of drag strip action! There’s even a beatnik-lookin' hot-rodder! Excellent hot rod footage and cool scenes of trophies being awarded to the winners of a drag race. Excellent color. This is probably one of the best films dealing with hot rods and drag racing. Featuring Wally Parks, president of NHRA; Robert Petersen, publisher of Hot Rod Magazine and several others.

DRAG RACER 1971 movie on DVD

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