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Double Feature!

U.K. film. Color. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen. In the future (1970) the British government is using Steven Shorter, a popular rock star (Paul Jones of Manfred Mann), to channel the impulses of rebellious teenagers. In one concert sequence, the crowd watches him sing a while locked in a cage surrounded by police officers armed with clubs.

He becomes a pawn of the establishment but eventually goes beyond rebellion and the government reengineers his image to more tightly control British teenage society.

Cool swinging UK imagery is in abundance. Paul Jones had been the front man/singer with Manfred Mann before going solo (and making his acting debut). Supermodel Jean Shrimpton plays a sultry mod girl who keeps tabs on Stevens’s activities.

Cool jangle-beat rock group dressed as monks. Privilege was censored by the BBC. Paul Jones, Jean Shrimpton (she never made another film), Mark London, William Job, Max Bacon, Jeremy Child, The George Bean Group. Privilege!

Plus this bonus selection...

IN GEAR 1967
U.K. newsreel. It's the swinging London fashion scene on parade and features an eye-candy array of dazzling & colorful mod fashions! Suits, shirts, pants, shoes, boots, jackets, dresses, belts, bags, hats, caps, ties, skirts, blouses, scarves, dickies, and more! Mary Quant shows off her latest collection! The viewer is taken to King's Road, SOHO, and Carnaby Street. Next, it's off to the discotheque club scene where the "in" gear is worn. Groovy pop music soundtrack!

PRIVILEGE 1967 movie on DVD!

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