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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. 16:9 widescreen letterbox. A witness to a stabbing and his family are violently harassed by a drugged-out, delinquent gang that turns to any means to shut him up permanently! One of the gang really dishes up the beatnik lingo!

The gang hangs out in a slum juke joint with a Seeburg "R" jukebox blasting out the tunes. Dennis Hopper plays a viscous killer who ultimately turns on one of his fellow gang members and calls him the "N" word.

Fantastic hard core juvenile delinquent teenage gang action. Hear the hit song, "Ruby Duby Doo!" Rare JD film. Jeffrey Hunter, Dennis Hopper, Joby Baker, Susan Harrison, Johnny Nash, Corey Allen. Key Witness!

Plus this bonus selection...

MEDIC 1955
U.S. TV show. "Boy in the Storm." Dennis Hopper delivers a poignant performance as a young epileptic whose family has shielded him from the real world for fear of shame and embarrassment. This episode was created to make the public aware that epilepsy is not a form of insanity. Richard Boone, Dennis Hopper, Nelson Leigh, Evelyn Eaton, Harmon Stevens.

KEY WITNESS 1960 movie on DVD!

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