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Double Feature!

UK film. It's a rock & roll, pop, R&B, and vocal group song fest that includes jive dancing teenagers. (Remember, early U.K. R&R isn't as rockin' as USA). Cardigan-wearing, comedian host Jack Johnson tells us about his latest invention; a large computer with a television screen. The film contains sketches and music, held together with a storyline of Jack Johnson showing us what his computer can do. We are treated to a steady stream of music and comic sequences including footage of Elvis as a GI, clips from the Goon Show movie "Down Among the Z Men," comedians and even footage from old westerns.

Next we head into London for a night out. This includes some naked models and exotic nightclub dancing, and more singing….in a kitchen! Look for Cherry Wainer and Don Storer going ape on on duel drum solo. Eventually there is too much rocking and rolling and the computer blows up.

Songs include: "Lucky Five," "Miss In-Between," " What's Cooking Baby," " The Birthday Cakewalk," "Of Love," " Frankie and Johnny." Jack Jackson, Cherry Wainer, Don Storer, Russ Conway, Craig Douglas, Glen Mason, Mike Preston, Libby Morris, Malcolm Jackson, Tommy Yeardye.

Plus this bonus selection...

UK film. A group of girls from a Swiss Finishing School who come to London to start their own escort agency. The girls, believe that visiting tourists will want to be escorted around the Festival of Britain, and the nightclubs of London. This allows loads of stock footage, including skiing, synchronized swimming and film star Gloria Swanson inspecting the Festival of Britain building site.

We are also treated to the attractions of London, including the Windmill Theatre and an open-air performance at Battersea of Canadian former child-star Bobby Breen. One of the highlights of the film is the visit to the BBC Radio Theatre for a recording of The Goon Show. This is rare early footage when Michael Bentine was still performing alongside Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.

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