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Double Feature!

JPN. film. Excellent quality. Widescreen. Oh man. What a crazy-excellent, be-bopping, juvenile delinquent film. Tamio Kawaji gives an incredible performance as Akira, a mentally and emotionally disturbed juvenile delinquent in a film that is still ahead of its time. He's a hyperkinetic, twitching deviate; a human road runner causing mayhem wherever he goes, usually shirtless and sweating; eating and drinking in fast motion; stealing; moving like a speed freak; sexually assaulting, attacking.

Eiji Go plays Masaru, his slightly less-crazy JD pal who thinks his ticket to life is to join a Yakuza gang. The two live with a beautiful teenage prostitute and wreak havoc everywhere they go. The radical, frantic cinematography is brilliant and the hip jazz score is integral to the story.

As Akira drives around the city he turns the radio on for a few seconds, then turns it off. He does this repeatedly. Then out of frustration he yells, "I need some black music." Tamio Kawachi, Eiji Gô, Noriko Matsumoto, Yuko Chishiro, Kôjirô Kusanagi, Chico Roland, Chigusa Takayama. [In Japanese with English subtitles.]

Plus this bonus selection...

U.S. TV show. Episode of "The Naked City" feature tons of leather jacket and pompadour JD action. After Ramrod of the street gang The Hawks iced Little Pancho of the Flying Dragons, it was decided by the Dragon's war chief Packy to whack Ramrod in revenge. And the man assigned to do the hit is the late Pancho's good friend 16 year-old Marty Nemo. David Winters (who became the dance choreographer for the TV series "Hullabaloo") plays Marty Nemo.

THE WARPED ONES 1960 movie on DVD

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