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Double Feature!

U.K. documentary. "Bank Holiday Mayhem." A study of two 1960s British youth sub-culture social groups: the mods and rockers. Fantastic vintage footage of leather-clad rockers on Triumphs thundering down main roads and purple-heart ingesting mods buzzing on Vespas.

White silk scarves and studded leathers. Custom tailored suits and pilfered bowling alley shoes. During the mod segments there's a plentiful supply of Hammond B3 charged soul and R&B as the backdrop; then the wail of Gene Vincent and a rockabilly guitar and you know it's rocker time!

In addition to analysis of mod and rocker fashion, attitude, slang and styles, there is also an examination of what really happened during the 1964 Bank Holiday "battles of the beaches," when hundreds of mods and rockers met up at seaside resorts on scooters and motorbikes in search of thrills and excitement.

The vintage footage and 1960's youth interviews are priceless in getting a first hand look at the scene. The original scene makers are now retired, ex-mods and reformed rockers but when interviewed they relive their heyday with a sense of pride and belonging.

Plus this bonus selection...

U.K. Short subject. This film follows the daily activities of working-class teenagers who are members of London's Lambeth Youth club. We Are The Lambeth Boys was filmed during the summer of 1958 in and around the Alford House, a youth club in the Oval area of South London. It follows the teenagers at work, at home and in their free time, where they express their hopes and frustrations.

The teenagers are seen jiving and swing dancing — the boys with cigarettes dangling from their mouths. A skiffle band plays on stage and performs, "Putting On The style." The kids also dance to, "Whole Lotta Woman." After the dance they go for fish 'n' chips.

Lost of scenes of dancehalls, smoking, primping, snacking, pompadours and talking about buying clothes, parents, dating and more. There's also footage at their jobs at the post office, as a butcher, in a factory, sewing, etc.

MODS & ROCKERS OF THE 1960s documentary on DVD

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