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I WANT MY SURFING ...ON TV - 1960s Volume 1

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Two early 1960s TV episodes that featuring a "surfing theme" in the story line.

ROUTE 66 1962
U.S. TV show. "Ever Ride The Waves In Oklahoma?" Tod and Buz are cruising along the coast on the California Pacific Highway when they stop to give a gremmie a ride to Huntington Beach where he plans to challenge "King," the local surfing ace. When the gremmie is killed trying to shoot the pier, Buz vows to bring down the King.

All the ace surfers and gremmies hang at the "Beach Pad" where an AMi Continental 2 Jukebox pounds out the tunes while all the scene makers twist, shake and shimmy their butts off! Several lengthy scenes take place in the Beach Pad with lots of wild dancing and body gyrations!

A spacey beatnik chick gives Buz some advice on how to take down the King. Look for lots of disaffected youth, surfboards, bikinis, real surfing action and hip surfing lingo. Martin Milner, George Maharis, Dolores Michaels, Bruce Watson, Ron Kipling, James Westmoreland.

U.S. TV show. An episode of the Kraft Suspense Theater (which was called "Crisis" later in syndication) called, "The Hunt" features excellent performances by Mickey Rooney, James Caan and Bruce Dern.

It's the good old days when you could drive down the road swigging from a can of beer! A surfer bum (James Caan) drives into the wrong town when his woody wagon breaks down. While he's lying on his surfboard listening to his transistor radio help finally arrives. Well, not really help! In fact, far from it!

In this town it seems the sheriff (Mickey Rooney) don't take to kindly to strangers coming into his peaceful little town and he's got his own way of dealing with it. The sheriff and his hillbilly cronies (which include Bruce Dern) look like they'd fit nicely in the cast of 2000 Maniacs!

Seems the sadistic sheriff likes to trump up phony charges just so he can lock up strangers in his jail. Then he "lets" them escape. Why? So he and his crew of blood lusting hillbillies can hunt them down and maybe have their dogs shred them to pieces. Mickey Rooney, James Caan, Bruce Dern, Kelly Thordsen, Logan Field.

I WANT MY SURFING …ON TV – 1960s Volume 1 on DVD!

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