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U.S. film. The film opens with the chief pathologist of 25 years, Dr. Joseph Pearson, (Fredric March) slicing open a cadaver in front of a team of student nurses while they squirm and nearly faint. He holds a brain in his hand and philosophizes about life while smoking a cigar.

In comes a new, young and idealistic Dr. David Coleman (Ben Gazzara) who threatens the older doctor's prestige in the hospital. The two doctors battle over many medical issues. Coleman falls in love with a nurse, Cathy Hunt (Ina Balin), but she develops a tumor on her knee. Pearson says that it is malignant and orders her leg amputated. Coleman disagrees but must go along with the decision.

Coleman then orders three blood tests on Dr. Alexander's expectant wife, (Phyllis Love), because she has a rare blood condition. Pearson thinks that the tests are excessive and cancels the third test. When the baby is born seriously ill, Pearson is berated by Dr. Charles Dornberger (Eddie Albert), Alexander's personal physician, who then conducts a blood transfusion to save the baby's life.

This film is high drama with superior acting and an engaging storyline. For those unfamiliar with the medical profession, it's a stark realization to see how hospital politics detract from giving patients the best treatment possible. It's interesting to note how many doctors are smoking in this film. Fredric March, Ben Gazzara, Ina Balin, Eddie Albert, Phyllis Love, George Segal, Dick Button, Dolph Sweet, Edward Andrews, Aline MacMahon, Arthur Hill, Gloria Vanderbilt, James Broderick, Ronald Reagan (as Narrator). The Young Doctors!

THE YOUNG DOCTORS 1961 movie on DVD!

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