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U.S. film. This film stars several actors who appeared in teen and JD films of the 1950s. (Michael Callan, James MacArthur, Nick Adams). Young medical interns with big aspirations in their first year at a large city hospital experience intense personal and professional experiences that dramatically change the course of their lives. Doctors and nurses in close quarters for long hours result in intimate relationships that veer out of control. An egotistical head of surgery has many clashes with the interns.

An aspiring doctor falls in love with a famous model, she becomes pregnant and he gets caught stealing drugs from the hospital and is expelled from medicine. Another intern falls in love with a nurse and tries convincing her to give up her dreams and marry him. Another intern is in two simultaneous romances and has a nervous breakdown.

The interns have trouble dealing with mercy killings (!) and the deaths of patients they had begun to know. At an end-of-first-year party the expelled intern, who is now a rep for a drug firm, meets his former colleagues and realizes he will never be on their level because he compromised his medical ethics.

It's amazing to see so much smoking going on; pipes, cigars and cigarettes! Telly Savalas plays the sexist head of surgery and spits out lines like, "You take up room in our hospitals until you fall in love with the wet diapers and the hot stove!" This film spawned a short-lived TV series. Michael Callan, James MacArthur, Nick Adams, Stefanie Powers, Suzy Parker, Cliff Robertson, Buddy Ebsen, Telly Savalas, Kaye Stevens, Ellen Davalos.

THE INTERNS 1962 movie on DVD!

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