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BLACK TOONS 1930s-1940s - VOLUME 3

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U.S. cartoon shorts. Offered as an historical document. Very racist with nasty stereotypes. Some wild rhythm & blues, jazz and boogie woogie music parodies. Cartoons include:

LITTLE BLACK SAMBO 1935. Mammy warns Sambo to be careful of the old tiger who "likes dark meat." UNCLE TOM AND LITTLE EVA 1932. Happy slaves who sing, tap dance and eat watermelon. FRESH HARE 1942. Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny do a minstrel show, complete with black-face.

SUNDAY GO TO MEETIN' TIME 1936. Excellent gospel and jazz music mixed with black stereotypes. UNCLE TOM'S BUNGALOW 1937. A spoof of the book Uncle Tom's Cabin. ANGEL PUSS 1944. Many racial stereotypes. A black boy is sent to drown a cat. CONFEDERATE HONEY 1940. Parody of "Gone with the Wind," with Elmer Fudd playing Ned Cutler (Rhett Butler in the real movie).

LITTLE OL' BOSKO AND THE CANNIBALS 1937. A frog that sounds like Louis Armstrong! He and other frog caricatures of famous black musicians like Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, and Bill "Bojangles" Robinson are portrayed as cannibals! Lots of boogie woogie and jazz tunes. POP-PIE A LA MODE 1945. Popeye is shipwrecked on an island inhabited by cannibals who view him as their next meal! Musical score full of blues and jazz.

VOODOO IN HARLEM 1938. Black stereotypes in Upper Manhattan with a terrific soundtrack. TIN PAN ALLEY CATS 1943. A jazz cartoon involving a "Fats Waller" cat who leaves the "Uncle Tomcat Mission" for the local jazz club.

BLACK CARTOONS 1930s-1940s - VOLUME 3 on DVD!

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