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Double Feature!

U.S. film. Excellent quality. We've been collecting 1950s juvenile delinquent films for over 30 years. We'd thought we found all the good films years ago, but amazingly we've acquired this beautiful print of a long forgotten gem. Street of Sinners is set-bound in the same way as Crime In The Streets but that's nothing to hold against it.

It has all the necessary elements for a great 1950s juvenile delinquent movie: reckless underage youths breaking the law (adults too), drinking booze, disrespectful back talk to police and authority figures, violent hoodlum crime, hot rods, prostitution, bullet bras, and more! Look for: teenagers dancing to a rock and roll beat on the sidewalk. Hoodlums polishing their hot rod while being hassled by the police.

The story follows a young cop on his first beat in a tough neighborhood—he thinks he can clean up the crime that is everywhere. The trouble begins on his very first day on the beat when he has a conflict with the criminally connected owner of the local bar. Against the more moderate advice of his experienced partner, the rookie insists on strictly enforcing every law on the books. His unbending toughness creates bad feelings with the neighborhood delinquents and soon he becomes their target.

The cop becomes distraught when a drunken young girl leaps from a window to her death. As a result, he is suspended. Later he redeems himself by solving a murder and bringing the corrupt bar owner to justice. George Montgomery, Geraldine Brooks, Nehemiah Persoff, Marilee Earle, William Harrigan, Stephen Joyce, Clifford David, Diana Millay, Andra Martin, Danny Dennis.

Plus this bonus selection...

CAN. Educational film. A classroom social guidance film that feels just like a juvenile delinquent movie! It's the story of Dave: his girlfriend just dumped him; his father thinks he is a loser, and the football coach has benched him. What's a 1950s teenager to do? Dave slashes the tires of his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend's hot rod. But it doesn't end there: Dave's emotional instability becomes a cascading shower of maliciousness and destructive behavior.

Look for: awesome 1950s haircuts and clothes (seriously!), cool malt shop scenes, 1950s jukebox and pinball machines, hot rods, school classroom and hallway social interaction. Eddie Applegate, who played "Richard" on the Patty Duke Show, plays the new boyfriend who makes Dave jealous—but Dave's hair is much cooler.

STREET OF SINNERS 1957 movie on DVD!

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